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HyAlarm - Security Entry and Alarm Notification

HyAlarm is the perfect alarm reporting service for buildings, vacation homes, cabins and other assets, such as cargo containers, that are located in remote areas not served by cellular, or when cellular or satellite service is too expensive for your budget. Regardless of the remoteness of your building or asset, HyAlarm frees you from the burden of sophisticated and expensive satellite service.

security entry notificationIf you currently are using cellular or satellite service for alarm notification, HyAlarm can serve as an effective backup service in the event your primary service fails.

If you have a cluster of assets in the same location, we can install inexpensive HyAlarm interfaces on each building to allow alarm information to be wirelessly transmitted to a central HyAlarm access transmission point using state-of-the-art ZigBee technology.

ZigBee is a low-cost, low-power, wireless mesh networking standard that is widely deployed in wireless control and monitoring applications. ZigBee's mesh networking capability provides high reliability and allows for greater separation between assets.

The central HyAlarm access transmission point is a small device that then transmits the alarm information via high frequency radio and a short whip antenna to HySky's network operations center where the information is instantly processed and delivered to you so that appropriate action can be taken.

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