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In a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) environment, the HySky system becomes a device-probing, data reporting service that is especially valuable for its ability to communicate with devices in the most remote regions of the US.
scadaHySky can monitor and control remote assets that serve telecommunications, water, waste, energy, oil, gas, transportation as well as, other market segments. Our system gathers status, performs criticality analysis, transfers reports to the pertinent operator, and effectively displays the data in a hard-hitting fashion.

The significant advantage is two-fold: 1) a low cost solution in areas where alternative services have inconsistent, more expensive coverage;  and, 2) accessibility to devices where alternative services do not exist. By reaching SCADA units via an outbound link that covers the United States and, by having remote assets report their status over HF links, HySky can use relatively simple low-cost, low-power transceiver packages.

Assets do not need the sophisticated equipment or high cost associated with transmitting to a satellite, nor the expensive base rate of a cellular service.

If the SCADA device is critical to public safety, the device can report its status even if the satellite link is interrupted optically or physically. Unlike satellite or cellular communications, HF is particularly advantageous in that it is insensitive to dense foliage, buildings, mountains or canyons – natural or urban. As a backup, HySky can interrogate the remote asset via the subcarrier of an FM station with coverage in the region if necessary.


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