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Public Highway - Rail Crossings

In one year alone, incidents at public highway-rail crossings in the United States caused 311 deaths and 859 injuries. As traffic congestion increases, advanced traffic control technologies for highway-rail crossings can help reduce back-ups and make highway travel safer.
rxrHySky offers a unique service that can be readily and economically deployed at public highway-rail crossings. We can provide statewide, regional, or nationwide capability to monitor the condition and performance of crossing equipment to insure that high standards of public safety are maintained.

Use of solar power allows our service to be installed at even the most remote rail crossings.

Data from rail crossing equipment is collected by HySky's Intelligent Terminal Units, then securely transmitted using high frequency radio signals. Our network of nationwide remote base stations receive this data and send it to our network operations center (NOC) as well as, our back-up NOC.

The information is processed and made available via internet web browsers for our clients' use. If a malfunction or suspicious trend is detected, an alarm can be sent to the client for immediate resolution.

Call today for a customized quote. Our engineers will discuss your requirements and explain how our service can improve your rail crossing safety performance.

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