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HySky Management

Charles Maynard, CEO

Mr. Maynard was Chief Operating Officer of Able Telecom Holdings, Inc., a $550 million public company that included Adesta Transportation.  Over the past twenty-five years, Mr. Maynard has held a wide range of strategic positions requiring the planning and execution of business strategies. His industry experience ranges from global satellite communications to advanced computer systems. His prior positions include Managing Director of TDF USA, a division of France Telecom, President of Cincinnati Bell Wireless, and Executive Vice President of AT&T Technologies. The scope of Mr. Maynard’s current responsibilities spans mergers and acquisitions, product conceptualization, business planning, product development, as well as general profit and loss management.

Phillip Galpin, Chief Operations Officer

During Mr. Galpin’s 25 years of professional telecommunications experience he has held the position of Vice President of Operations and COO at various companies that designed and build large-scale fiber optic and HF based communications networks.  The primary client for these services was the Federal Government and agencies such as the Department of Defense (DoD).  He has also held the following positions:  President Tele-diagnostic company, President of the R&D division for a company that provided echo cancellation and background noise suppression solutions for the Cellular/PSC industry, and Vice President of Project Development at MFS Network Technologies where he was responsible for new business development, estimating, design and engineering for dense urban and long-haul fiber based systems and last mile solutions including Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

James Rootsey, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rootsey is one of the original founders of the company.  He came to the company from his position as Director of Advanced Programs for Harris Corp.. While at Harris he was the lead systems engineer who led commercialization of the US Government communications technologies that the company uses today.  Prior to Harris he was with Ford-Aerospace (Palo Alto) where he engineered terrestrial, mobile, and microwave communication systems as well as satellite communication systems and analysis/design tools for Commercial, Civilian Government and US Military clients.  Mr. Rootsey has a diverse background in technical design, analysis, development and implementation of command, control and communications systems. He regularly consultants for domestic and international broadcast, HF, VHF, UHF & microwave communications companies.

Paul Smith-Goodson, Senior VP - Field Technology & Operations

Mr. Smith-Goodson has over thirty years of technology and telecommunications experience.  Mr. Smith-Goodson was previously responsible for global strategy, planning and competitive analysis for WorldCom’s Global Internet and data access services.  Smith-Goodson also has extensive face-to-face business experience negotiating strategic alliances and partnerships with information providers in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific; including the governments of Vietnam and China.  While at Worldcom he served on executive committees that oversaw the company’s international customer service strategy and advanced networking planning.  Mr. Smith-Goodson has also participated in several Internet start-up companies and he has held a wide range of management positions at AT&T. 

Kevin E. Cleary, Vice President of Business Development, Marketing and Sales

Mr. Cleary has over 25 years of information technology and telecommunications business development experience.  Prior to HySky, Mr. Cleary worked for Affiliated Computer Services (ACS), where he was responsible for the Government Solutions finance group.  Before ACS he was the Director of MCI's State and Local Government support organization and prior to MCI, Mr. Cleary managed Lucent's North America sales revenue forecasting process.  In addition, Mr. Cleary has an extensive AT&T background in domestic and international market management with an emphasis on the Asia Pacific region, as well as the Transportation/Logistics markets.  Throughout his career, Mr. Cleary has demonstrated a continued proficiency in turnaround management, business development, sales and customer relationship management.

Scot Brands, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Brands is an accomplished corporate financial and legal executive with proven success in helping development stage companies grow and prosper. His background includes positions as Chief Financial Officer or other senior financial executive of companies grown from start-up phase to approximately $30 million in revenue prior to sales to entities such as WorldCom, Inc. (now Verizon), Gryphon Investors, (a private equity firm with over 900 million under management) and McLeod, Inc (a publicly traded regional telephone company). Additional expertise in: Start Up Entities, Corporate Legal Management, Human Resources, as well as pricing and financial planning. Mr. Brands is a Georgia Licensed CPA and Georgia Licensed Attorney.

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