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HVAC Monitoring

HVAC as used here represents not only Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning applications, but any application that requires frequent, on-site visits by technicians to confirm a unit's integrity, proper operation, fuel or service needs.
hvacThe HySky units monitor basic asset device operation e.g., fluid levels, lubricant condition, system pressure, air flow, air quality, stock levels, reserves, etc., and report them on random or scheduled intervals. This feature also applies to vending machine management. Why send a serviceman to an area or device that does not need servicing? One might respond by linking the asset to a phone line or a cellular service, but both of these methods can be expensive, especially if the device system being monitored is in a remote location.

The HySky ubiquitous, low cost advantage is the right choice.  The HySky network is not based upon traditional  nationwideor region-wide communication infrastructure. It can provide a remote link for HVAC and other serviceable assets for just pennies per day.

The most significant cost is for the monitoring device and transceiver, both of which are price competitive with cellular devices and less expensive than satellite equipment.   Since SCADA applications are in fixed locations, they do not require GPS capability or multiple interfaces beyond what is needed to monitor the equipment.

The HySky unit is simple and low-cost. Wherever multiple units are monitored at the same location, a single transceiver can handle an entire site. HySky offers an outstanding solution to address the needs of the HVAC market as well as, other remote monitoring applications.


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