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HySky Hazardous Material Tracking Solutions

In the interest of public safety and national security, hazardous material shipments are heavily regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
Hazardous material tracking is only as good as the continuity of monitoring capability. A void in coverage introduces an opportunity for the integrity of the shipment to be compromised, thus increasing the risk to public safety and terrorism.

hazmat trackingUntil now, tracking hazardous material shipments has depended upon GPS information being conveyed back to a monitoring center using cellular or satellite service. Unfortunately, these technologies have large deficiencies that can seriously impede tracking capability.

Everyone who has a cell phone has faced the problem of trying to make a call in a no coverage area. It is a fact that cellular always has geographical voids in coverage. If the integrity of the cargo is compromised within one of these coverage voids, or if a transport vehicle strays from its designated geographic or timed route, and a cellular transmitter tries to send an alert to a monitoring center, it will not be able to do so. This could easily happen on a road winding along a mountainous valley floor, in the Rockies, the Sierras and even flat, lightly populated areas such as northern Arizona.

Satellite service has its own problems. If cliffs, buildings, thunderstorms or dense wet foliage block the view to the satellite, alerts or tracking data will not be received. Buildings, rainstorms or vegetation have minimal effect on HySky's HF service.

HySky has developed a GPS HF tracking technology that assures the transporter of low risk and high reliability. No other communications medium offers such continuous, tamper-resistant, power-line-failure-resistant, and disaster-resistant features.

If you are involved in the transportation of hazardous materials, we would like to discuss your application and provide you with information on our GPS tracking solution. Give us a call today!

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