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Geo-Fencing with HF

A geo-fence is an artificial barrier HySky places upon a vehicle or other mobile asset to restrict its movements, its path or its deviation from a path. An essential part of this capability is HySky’s GPS feature that gathers and stores data related to the position of the asset at any time.

If the asset deviates from a pre-programmed route, or fails to report its location on a scheduled interval, then HySky immediately notifies the overseeing entity to ensure appropriate action can be taken. Here again, HySky offers low cost, continuous coverage across the United States, particularly in the remote areas of the southwest, where cell coverage is intermittent, yet much hazardous material is transported.

geofenceGeo-fences are only as good as the continuity of coverage along them. Just as a hole in a real fence can be problematic, so can a hole in coverage (e.g., cellular) be a problem for a monitored asset. HySky has implemented HF in a way that assures the user high reliability.

We are confident that no other communications medium has such continuous, tamper-resistant, power-line-failure-resistant, and disaster-resistant features.

Where a cell phone may have only one or two towers to access, HySky’s transceivers have eight sites available to them. Even if the link to any one site had a reliability of only 80 percent, HySky’s sites scattered around the United States have a combined reliability approaching 99.999 percent.

Furthermore, the HySky system is acknowledgement based. That is, the monitoring company and the asset are in constant communication confirming the fence has not been compromised. Thus, if the geo-fence needs to bound and control the movement of hazardous materials, then HySky is the logical solution.

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