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HyAlert - Citizen Emergency Notification

HyAlert is a digital emergency messaging service that allows emergency management centers, as well as college and university administrators, to create and deliver real-time emergency messages to citizens, students, first responders, or other groups affected by emergency situations.
citizen notificationIt is widely known that during times of crisis or disaster, cellular towers are subject to high traffic volumes and cannot be relied upon for emergency communications. Local communications can also become disabled rendering them unusable. Leveraging HySky's expertise and years of experience with FM radio, a system has been designed to use the broad coverage afforded by FM radio stations and sub carrier frequencies to reliably deliver emergency messages to HyAlert FM radios
Since each HyAlert receiver can be individually addressed, emergency alerts can be delivered by defining geographic notification areas or by grouping those requiring notification according to predefined requirements. For instance, if an emergency occurred in a confined section of a large university campus, then message alerts could selectively be sent to rooms in specific dormitories or select classrooms.

System flexibility allows messages to be directed to specific communities, targeted zip codes, or virtually any definable category.

Using HyAlert is a simple three-step process:
1. The administering authority logs into secure web site, HyAlert.com
2. After authentication, enters message and selects target recipients.
3. The message is transmitted to participating FM stations
4. The message is automatically encoded and transmitted by the station.

HyAlert offers a reliable emergency messaging system that ensures emergency notifications are delivered real-time at a time when timely communications matters most.

If you are involved with emergency communications, call us today for more information on this exciting service.

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