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HySky Global Asset Tracking Solutions

Looking for an affordable way to track and monitor millions of mobile assets anywhere in the world? Do these assets include containers, rail cars and/or untethered trailers that might contain hazardous materials or valuable, perishable cargo?  Do you require the highest level of security and multi-level access for your data? Then HySky should be your choice.
biohazardNo company, no matter how large or small, can afford inconsistent data-tracking handoffs provided by non-vertically integrated vendors that sell to the current asset tracking market.  Only an integrated solution that 1) starts with origination data (GPS and time stamped), 2) oversees the shipment as it journeys thousands of miles by using a superior data services network, and 3) consolidates the data at a single, worldwide, network operations center, can provide both strategic asset protection and total client satisfaction.

To provide such a service, HySky is in the process of vertically integrating its secure global data services technology with affordable, rugged and durable client units on one end, and a focused monitor, control and distribution center on the other. Scattered, diverse systems which depend on people to watch monitors; systems to provide perimeter surveillance; or, links between various communication media, are no longer the best way to protect your assets. With the HySky system there is no need to worry about waterside, port or ground transport security breaking down or having dead spots.

HySky is in the process of designing custom solutions for a number of international clients. If you would like HySky to consult with you on a particular application, please give us a call today.

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