Nationwide Asset Tracking Service

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Are you looking for a reliable and economical GPS asset tracking solution that provides continuous route coverage without vulnerable blind spots typical with cellular solutions or one that doesn't require expensive and cumbersome satellite equipment?

Then look no further. HySky has the perfect solution for your business.

First developed for the military, HySky's digital high frequency technology offers a 2,000-mile range from a 1-watt transmitter without the requirement to have line-of-sight. What's more, our unique FCC license for over 900 frequencies covers the entire Continental US and allows us to offer a comprehensive asset tracking service at an amazingly low price. 

Disaster Resilient Nationwide Data services

Disaster resilient communications

Local disasters often disrupt or completely disable local telecommunications resources and infrastructure. Depending upon the nature of the disaster, local communications may be unavailable for days or even weeks.

Unlike traditional service providers, HySky low-speed two-way data services operate independently of local telecommunications infrastructure.

Our proprietary High Frequency radio system transmits your critical information using one of our 954 FCC licensed frequencies to nine widely dispersed and highly sensitive radio receiving sites where it is processed, then relayed to one of two network control centers and made available to you.

Nationwide Remote Telemetry and SCADA Sensor Monitoring


Until HySky introduced its sensor monitoring service, it was cost prohibitive to collect SCADA, telemetry, and other sensor data from geographically dispersed areas.

HySky offers an attractive alternative where cellular coverage is unavailable or , the collection of sensor data via satellites is exorbitantly expensive.

Our system can monitor and control remote assets that serve telecommunications, water, waste, energy, oil, gas, transportation as well as other market segments.

HySky High Frequency radio technology gathers sensor data and transfers the information to our Network Operations Center.   Critical analysis is performed at the NOC and sent, via the internet or data circuits, to your operator or system for further analysis and action.

To ensure maximum reliability, we continually test the propagation characteristics of our 954 FCC licensed frequencies within the HF radio spectrum using 44 low power transmission sites strategically located across the United States.

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